Don't Over React!:<br> An
          entertaining guide to help you succeed in college-level
          general chemistry First Semester

No doubt chemistry is a daunting subject to study. Here's the dilemma: It's a vital, basic science that applies to our lives and health. At the same time, college students need to succeed in general chemistry en route to careers in health care and engineering. The standard college chemistry textbook is informative but often overwhelms the average student with technical, agonizing detail that can defeat its very purpose.

Eric Chesloff has written Don't Overreact to accompany, but not replace, general chemistry course textbooks. Don't Overreact makes course topics utterly plain and understandable in a practical, entertaining, and humorous fashion.

Dr. Chesloff encourages students to recruit the artistic, intuitive side of their brains as well as the quantitative side when looking at chemistry. Chemistry textbooks woefully often fail to do that. He variously informs and exhorts students on their journey to success. Most importantly, he convinces them that they CAN succeed despite their worst fears.

With thirty plus years of teaching college chemistry, Dr. Chesloff has evolved an incisive yet entertaining teaching style that is reflected in this book. His desire for students to not only survive general chemistry, but to develop a strong appreciation for chemistry and science in their later lives is obvious.

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